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International Council of Philosophy for Children

"The objective of ICPIC is to strengthen communications among those in different parts of the world who are engaged in philosophical inquiry with children, in teacher education, in research and for school administrators looking to initiate and develop programs that would encourage children's philosophical thinking. Membership in the Council is open to all who support this objective."

'''Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO)

"PLATO is dedicated to being a national voice for advocating the introduction of philosophy into pre-college classrooms and to connecting the education and philosophy communities through programs, resource-sharing and the development of a national network of those working in pre-college philosophy."

Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children

"The IAPC was formed in 1974 as part of Montclair State. From the beginning, its mission has been to develop a complete curriculum in elementary and secondary school philosophy; to demonstrate by experimental research the academic benefits of such a discipline; to provide teacher-education services to school districts from around the country and around the world; to conduct a Masters program leading to an M.Ed. in Philosophy for Children; and to prepare professors of philosophy and other educators to set up affiliate centers from which they could train teachers in their parts of the world."

Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children

"The Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children is a non-profit organization that brings philosophy into the lives of young people through programs in elementary, middle, and high schools, parent organizations, and other organizations serving young people, with a particular emphasis on reaching children who are at risk and educationally disadvantaged. For teachers, parents, and other interested adults, the Center offers workshops, given by educators trained in philosophy, about ways to facilitate philosophical dialogues with young people."

Thinking Stories

"Each week, at the Unitarian Society, a "Story for All Ages" is read as part of the service. This website was developed as a result of our efforts to use those stories to spark thoughtful discussions among children and adults in the Society. Feel free to browse our questions."

The P4C Cooperative

"a co-operative providing resources and advice on philosophy for children mainly to teachers, although there is a new parents page."

Wondering Aloud: Philosophy with Young People

"Wondering Aloud is a Philosophy for Children Blog! It was created to provide another way to communicate about doing philosophy with young people."

Kids Philosophy Slam

"The Mission of the Kids Philosophy Slam is to give kids a voice, and to inspire kids to think by unlocking their intellectual and creative potential through a unique and powerful philosophical forum."

The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA)

"FAPSA is an umbrella organisation supporting the interests of its nine affiliated Associations in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Through professional development and advocacy initiatives, FAPSA seeks to enrich and expand philosophy education in primary and secondary schools in Australasia.

Several FAPSA-affiliated organisations have their own websites which offer extensive online resources of interest to Philosophy for Children practitioners, for instance:

- The Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools
- Philosophy for Children New Zealand
- Philosophy in Schools New South Wales

Philosophy for Kids: University of Massachusetts

"Above all, I didn't want those kids to say to me at the end of the class, 'Now tell us what the answer is.' And, in fact, they never did that. I think that, by making the problem something that a child character in my story gave expression to, I encouraged them to think that the problem might have a solution, or at least some kind of resolution, they themselves were capable of coming up with." -Prof. Gary Matthews

Visionativity (Denmark)

A hub of Philosophy for Children resources, including information on different philosophers and philosophical stories.

Philosopher's Island: Middleton Cheney Primary School

"Philosopher's Island is a story which asks questions. These questions are designed to explore different aspects of philosophy. We have been discussing the problems posed by Philosopher's Island."

Philosophy Class

Provides definitions and examples of different areas of philosophy.

Philosophy & The Enquiring Child

"Philosophy for Children, School Council and Context Drama play an important role at Tuckswood School. The aim of this section is to promote these ideas and to link with other schools and organisations interested in developing them further."

Philosophy for Children: Stanford University

Addresses the misconceptions that pre-adolescents are incapable of philosophical thinking and that introducing philosophy crowds the curriculum and creates skeptics.

Philosophy for Children: Links

Filosofia con i Bambini

A philosophy for children program in Italy.

Philosophy with Children and Youth Network for Asia and Pacific (PCYNAP)

Filosofía a la de tres

Filosofía a la de tres is a program of philosophy with preschoolers at the Spanish state school "Estados Unidos de América-Huarte de San Juan" in Madrid. Every two weeks, we get together and enjoy this time to read stories, look at pictures, listen, speak and think. One of the important parts of the project is the blog, soon to be available also in English at, which serves as a diary of the project and a means of communication with the parents of the preschoolers. The blog features summarised transcriptions of the dialogues of each session.
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