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Associated Programs

Big Ideas for Little Kids a course at Michigan State University

Philosophy in Public Schools aka PiPS at UMass-Amherst, A program in which graduate and undergraduate students teach philosophy in local schools.

The Washington Elementary School Philosophy Project An elementary school philosophy program of the San Jose Rotary Club. Assisted by San Jose State University Philosophy Department

Filosofía a la de tres A program for teaching philosophy to preschool children in Madrid.

Open Minds at Harvard University Bringing philosophy to both elementary and high schools

Outreach Program at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill A variety of different outreach programs including an undergraduate course

Philosophy @ Island Bay Developing a philosophy curriculum for elementary school in Wellington, New Zealand

Philosophy for Children Alberta Sponsors a summer program and an undergraduate course, among other activities

Shahrtash Educational Publishing Publisher of Big Ideas for Little Kids in Iran.

Students Empowering Little Philosophers (SELPH) Developed by undergraduate students at Davidson College

Teaching Children Philosophy at the University of Oregon

Young Philosophers A program for home schooled kids

William Penn Charter School Philosophy Program Using high school seniors to teach philosophy in elementary schools; Edwin Marks and Andy Zuccotti, directors

Philosopher Kids at Loyola University, New Orleans A program where undergraduates teach philosophy in a local elementary school

Philosophy in Education at Carleton College Offers a course for undergraduates who teach at a local elementary school

Rollins College Philosophy Friends Undergraduates work with 3-4yo's at Rollins Child Development Center

We would like to thank a number of these programs for contributing content to this site. If you are interested in collaborating with us or are running a similar program, please contact us and let us know!

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