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Transcript Assignment

You must create a transcript of each session you have with the MLKCSE students. This transcript should be a complete record of the discussion that you led. It will serve a number of purposes. First, you have to use it as a resource for your term paper. Second, we may use it as part of various research efforts to document the benefits of doing philosophy with school children. So it is very important that you transcribe EVERYTHING that takes place during the session.

What you will be transcribing is the recording that you make of your session. Media Resources will provide each team with a tape recorder. Ben Paul from MR will come to class to explain the use of the recorders as well as give you more specific instructions on how to pick them up from the Library. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COME TO OUR MLKCSE SESSIONS WITH THE TAPE RECORDER.

In writing the transcript, you should use the actual first names of the students. But when it comes to writing your papers, you must create pseudonyms to protect the identity of the students. This is a precaution that has been requested by MLKCSE for their students’ safety and is necessary also to conform to Federal requirements on research with human subjects.

There is a sample transcript that you can look at on the ella site.

Please use the transcript template to make your transcript. You can download it from the page course page or the ella site.

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