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Journal Assignment

You are to keep a journal of your experience of the course. You should make an entry every week by Friday at 5 p.m. Your journals should be submitted via the Drop Box option in Ella. Save your file as: name_Journal#.doc. We will comment on your journals and post them back to you by Monday at midnight.

What should you be writing about? Your journal is intended to be a record of your critical reflection on all of the different aspects of the course. This means that each entry needs to include at least some reflection on: 1. The class period; 2. The readings; and, once we have gone into the school, 3. Your experience in the MLK classroom. The journals do not need to be polished essays. You should include your questions, concerns, half-baked ideas, etc. Remember, the journals will be one of your primary resources when you go to write your final paper.

How long should each journal entry be? They will differ from week to week, depending on what's happened, but you should aim for 2-3 pages doubled spaced each week.

There is a sample journal entry on the ella site that you should take a look at.

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