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Welcome to Philosophy 280: Philosophy for Children

The highlight of this course will be your having the opportunity to teach philosophy at the Martin Luther King Charter School of Excellence in Springfield. We will teach an introduction to philosophy course to the second graders there using childrens' books.

Of course, the question of whether children are actually capable of the type of abstract thought characteristic of philosophy is an important issue and, indeed, one that we will discuss. Our primary focus, however, will be on preparing you for what I assure you will be an amazing experience: facilitating philosophical discussions among the second graders themselves.

Below is a list of links to pages that contain information about the course that you will need. Be sure to read all of the information carefully, so that you understand everything that this course will require of you. You can access all of the pages in the Course portion of the site below.

General Course Information

Information about Written Assignments

Information about Teaching at MLK

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