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The Brave Monkey Pirate

By Hayes Robert


Conquering the seas, Modi the Monkey Pirate has a doctor’s appointment. The doctor notifies Modi that he needs to return tomorrow for a needle to protect him from scurvy. Modi does not like needles at all. His father gives Modi his fastest ship and a treasure map that will help at the doctors, and sends him on his way immediately. Modi gets the treasure, which is a rock. When he is getting his shot he has to squeeze the rock and counted to three that it would magically travel to the future when Modi does not feel the needle. So Modi heads to the doctors to receive his needle pulls out his rocks and counts to three. Modi disappeared then reappeared in the future after the needle was finished.

Guidelines for Philosophical Discussion

By Cody Thomas and Arthur Batorowski

Hayes Robert’s children book The Brave Pirate Monkey raises the question of How do we get over our biggest fears? Modi this brave pirate sales the wildest of seas and travels on the longest of journeys and has no fear at all. When Modi visits the doctor’s office for a checkup and learns that he will need to receive a needle to protect him from scurvy, this scares him as he really dislikes needles. Modi tells his father of his visit to the doctor’s and his father gives him a map of a way to help with the needle. The brave pirate does not even think twice but takes the fastest ship through the wildest seas and past the most unspeakable creatures all in seek of a treasure to help one little needle. This treasure helped Modi get past his fear of needles, by taking him into the future.

What is it that gives people fears or makes them scared? Could it be a large and sharp object that looks scary? Maybe they have seen it cause pain or horror to someone else and it gives them fear. Or could it be the case where there was a previous engagement with the fear before it was a fear and it caused pain and they are scared of it causing the pain again? Do we create our own fears consciously or does our brain create these fears unconsciously by itself? The Brave Pirate Monkey may have retained his fear of needle from any of these ways but we have no knowledge of how he has. This book gives good questioning to “fear”.

Philosophers have pondered about how fear has saturated every layer of our world. This paradoxical trait of fear that emerges in times when people are living so secure in life. Fear has show to undermine our freedoms. Fear is a total mind killer. Through this discussion, the children will gain a deeper understanding of their fears and maybe how to overcome them, where fears come from. They will begin to see how to trust in themselves and others and ask questions that could help solve their fears. The children could possibly take large interest in the subject of fear and this helps them stay focused of the philosophy of asking why, like why do we fear? The monkey pirate eating the ice cream after his needle, with a smile on his face is a powerful statement on how overcoming fears everyday can be quite enjoyable and adventurous.

Questions for Philosophical Discussion

Before Modi the monkey pirate goes to the doctor’s for a checkup.

  1. Do you believe Modi’s mom should have let him known earlier about the checkup? Why or Why not?
  2. Have you ever been trick by your parents to go to the doctor’s? If yes why did they

trick you?

  1. Is it fair for a parent to trick a child into going to the doctor’s?
  2. What is another way parents could get their children to go to the doctor’s without

tricking them?

  1. Why would someone have to go to the doctors?

Modi at the doctor’s for his checkup.

  1. Do you think Modi was comfortable at the doctor’s?
  2. How do you think Modi felt when he had to get the shot?
  3. How would you feel if you had to get a shot?
  4. What is Scurvy?
  5. Why is it good to be immune to scurvy?
  6. What other shots might the doctor give you? (Measles, Hepatitis, Polio)
  7. Can there be side effects to these shots?
  8. Do benefits out way the side effects?

Modi admits he does not like shots at all.

  1. Why do you think Modi does not like shots at all?
  2. Do you believe he has a fear of shots?
  3. What is fear?
  4. Do you have fears of shots?
  5. Is the shot worth it if it really scares you?
  6. Have you had a bad experience with a shot before?
  7. If yes did the pain last a long time? And how did you get over it?
  8. Has any one had a shot that did not hurt?

Modi travels the wildest seas and sneaks by creatures, in search of the treasure.

  1. Why do you think Modi is scared of a shot and not the wild sea or the creatures?
  2. How do you think a person obtains their fears?
  3. Why is Modi fearless when he is adventuring or treasure hunting?
  4. Can the motivation of getting a treasure overcome the fear one must face?
  5. Is there a difference between bravery and being fearless?

Modi uses the rock to travel into the future.

  1. Do you think Modi has overcome his fear?
  2. Do you believe Modi should have face his fears head on?
  3. What do you think Modi will do next time when if he needs a future shot?
  4. How do you think someone can overcome a fear?
  5. Have you ever overcome a fear?
  6. How did you overcome that fear?

This book module deals with ethics. You can buy this book on Amazon.

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