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Room on the Broom

By Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Attach:roombroom.jpg Δ

A witch and her cat fly around on a broom and the witch accidentally drops some of her things. Other animals on the ground return her items to her and ask for a ride on the broom. The witch says yes to them all, but is there room for all of these new friends?

Guidelines for Philosophical Discussion

By Lauren LaMore, Corinne Steele and Haley Thompson

Comprehension Questions

1) Who is on the broom at the beginning of the book?

2) What does the witch lose?

3) Who helps the witch find her things?

4) What do the helpful animals ask for after returning the witch’s things?

5) How does the broom break?

6) Who finds the witch and her friends after the broom breaks?

7) How did the dragon treat the witch?

8) What scared away the dragon?

9) What did the witch make at the end of the story?

Questions for Philosophical Discussion

Friendship and Relationships

1) The witch meets some animals for the first time in the book, but they are kind to each other and spend time together. 2) Were the witch and the animals friends? What makes people friends? 3) If the animals helped you find something you lost, would you have been friends with them? 4) The broom broke because the frog jumped for joy. 5) Was it the frog’s fault that the broom broke? Would you have been upset with the frog? Was the witch upset with the frog? Why or why not?

Reciprocity and Fairness

1) The witch makes room on her broom for each of the animals. 2) Should the witch have made more room on her broom? Since the animals each helped her find something, did the witch have to let them on the broom? Do you think that this is fair? 3) Would you have made more room on your broom for the animals? 4) Should we always try to include everyone? Is there ever a time where it’s better to say no?

Helping and Selflessness

1) Each animal asked for a ride on the broom after they helped the witch locate her things. 2) Why did the animals help the witch find her things? 3) If someone else lost something, would you help them find it? 4) Is there such a thing as having the wrong reasons to help someone? 5) If the animals helped the witch only because they wanted a ride on her broom, is that okay? 6) Have you ever helped someone and not wanted anything in return? Is this better than helping someone because you want them to do something for you? 7) If the animals helped the witch because they wanted a ride on their broom, are they really friends with the witch? 8) When you help your friends, do you do it because you want something in return?


1) The witch says yes to all of the animals without thinking about if there is room. 2) Should the witch have told one of the animals that there wasn’t room for them? Could it be her fault that the broom snapped in two? 3) The witch drops her items and others find them and bring them to her. 4) Should the witch have found her items herself? If the animals didn’t lose them, why should they have helped the witch find them?


1) The witch has a black hat, a wand, and a big nose with a wart on it, but she is very nice to all of the animals. 2) In other stories you have seen and read, what are witches usually like? What do you usually think of witches? 3) How is the witch in this story different from the other witches you’ve seen? Would you want to be friends with her? 4) The dragon is big and red with sharp teeth and yellow eyes. 5) When you first saw the dragon, did you assume he was bad? 6) All animals and beings have to eat. Is it okay for the dragon to want to eat the witch? Do you eat living things with feelings like the witch? Is that okay? 7) Is the dragon bad for trying to eat the witch? 8) Would you have accepted his apology?


1) The animals acted bravely to save the witch from the dragon. 2) Is it easier to be brave when working together with others than by yourself? Why is that? 3) Could the cat have scared the dragon off alone? Should they have tried? 4) Did the animals have to save the witch? If they were too afraid, would it have been okay for them not to have tried? Why or why not? 5) Were the animals putting themselves in danger by trying to save the witch? Would it have been okay if they decided not to do it because of this?


1) Does the book have a good ending? Should it have ended differently? Why or why not? 2) Did the characters learn a lesson? What lesson was it? Should any of them have acted differently in the story? 3) Did the animals help the witch escape the dragon because they were returning a favor, or because they were friends? 4) At the end of the book, were the animals and the witch friends?

This book module deals with ethics.

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