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Associated Programs

Big Ideas for Little Kids a course at Michigan State University

The Washington Elementary School Philosophy Project Contact: Ali Bassiri An elementary school philosophy program of the San Jose Rotary Club. Assisted by San Jose State University Philosophy Department

Filosofía a la de tres A program for teaching philosophy to preschool children in Madrid. See the blog:

Open Minds at Harvard University Bringing philosophy to both elementary and high schools Contact: Rebecca Bailey, Program Director, rebecca_bailey at

Outreach Program at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, @UNCPhilOutreach A variety of different outreach programs including an undergraduate course

Philosophy @ Island Bay Developing a philosophy curriculum for elementary school

Philosophy for Children Alberta Sponsors a summer program and an undergraduate course, among other activities

Shahrtash Educational Publishing Publisher of Big Ideas for Little Kids in Iran. Contact: Farzanah Shahrtash shahrtashpublications at

Students Empowering Little Philosophers (SELPH) Developed by undergraduate students at Davidson College

Teaching Children Philosophy at the University of Oregon

Young Philosophers A program for home schooled kids

William Penn Charter School Philosophy Program Using high school seniors to teach philosophy in elementary schools; Edwin Marks and Andy Zuccotti, directors

Philosopher Kids at Loyola University, New Orleans A program where undergraduates teach philosophy in a local elementary school Contact: Constance Mui, cmui at

Philosophy in Education at Carleton College Offers a course for undergraduates who teach at a local elementary school Contact: Daniel Groll, dgroll at

Rollins College Philosophy Friends Undergraduates work with 3-4yo's at Rollins Child Development Center Contact: Erik Kenyon, ekenyon at

We would like to thank a number of these programs for contributing content to this site. If you are interested in collaborating with us or are running a similar program, please contact us and let us know!

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